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fine art original oil landscape paintings by Jim Lamb


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GIBSON BEACH-Pt. Lobos              Oil on Linen                      12x24 Inches

Freshly off my easel...Last April I painted in the Point Lobos Reserve for several days.  While on this beach, working on a small pleinair study, I watched as a baby seal slowly crawled out of the surf and laboriously worked its way up this steep beach maybe 40 yards from the water.  I was the only one on the beach this early evening, and the mother seal was nowhere in sight.  The baby seemed lost, but curious.  I wondered if it was an orphan.  I searched the water for its mother, but no sign of her.  I decided to work my way toward the baby, thinking I might get close enough to get some great videos or pictures.  I had the idea that this seal pup was so slow and awkward getting up that beach it would be no trouble at all to get close.  But as soon as it spotted me headed its direction, it fired up the afterburners and headed like a dragster for the surf.  I ran as fast as I could, but didn't have a chance to get close.  That baby hit the water at full speed!  About that time, I saw its mother poke her head up out of the water about a 100 feet from the beach.  They were together again.  I was disappointed I missed a great chance for a closeup baby seal video, but was relieved that seal pup wasn't an orphan.